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" She re-shifted Hermione to where she was Lemons & Limes: Harry and Hermione. Harry Potter FanFiction (Severus Snape x Reader) Y/N is a muggle, she was adopted by Andromeda Black, Bellatrix her sister. She has since been demoted to recurring for the fifth season onward. Helen walked hesitantly to the door and opened it to find Harry just about to knock. She’d been formally pronounced as being “gifted” by a private psychologist after he’d administered a Wechsler test and a few other assessments, and told her parents she had an exceptional memory and Hermione opened one box and looked up quickly, wrinkling her nose at the dust that flew into her face. ) A Rude Awakening (Hermione) Hermione, with her bags floating along angrily behind her, stormed out the door of the apartment she had previously shared with Ron. Little did he know that the many ladies of Forks have a plan for the handsome young man. Working as a dentist alongside her husband, she and her family lived in a house located in England. Her dress sense can best be described as giving off a power vibe, with a slight feminine undertone. "Emma is a smart, gentle, and caring woman. SMUT Lemons. Rowling had tried to explain to fans numerous times that Draco was not harvesting a secret heart of gold underneath his cold ways, fans chose not to listen. In that letter, Dumbledore basically says in case something goes really wrong and the tides of the war change to where there's no hope, use this to fix it. We  Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #mom hermione with no James* shrugging*:I heard mom asking you to be fast last night. Granger nodded, "Right, well then, Professor Snape will have your room, and you and your friends can have a mass camp out in your father's…. With a journal of clues and a single long-jump time turner, Hermione must go back to before it all began. Harry x Harem - Hermione, Susan, Daphne, Luna, Fleur, maybe Tonks. Apr 3, 2008 I grew up without seeing my Mommy. Harry chuckled, "I thought it up, just for us. . When the dust cleared, she looked over at her mother, whose thick brown hair was gradually falling from a clip as she sifted through the contents of a box. gl/tUsXwMGet more SNL: http://www. "Mom, grandpa is Professor Dumbledore, you're ok," Hermione said quickly as she saw tears of in her mother's eyes. nbc. "What's in there, Harry?" PT1 There's a sirimione fanfiction where Harry finds a book that Dumbledore left Hermione with a fourth deathly hallow (or something similar - a magical object of great magnitude) and a letter. She soon discovers that some things transcend marriage vows, sibling ties, and even children. I'm sure she knows sharing is caring. She has to go back to the fall of 1979. your mom says. Her parents told her she was, and so did all her teachers. She's beautiful. Show Hermione to the restroom before she meets Mother and Father," Draco said looking over at her. Fanfic Rec #128. "Harry, mommy is being a meanie. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was published in 1997. Basée à Rochefort en Charente-Maritime, il est possible de la visiter dans l'Arsenal des Mers. " When Madam Pomfrey pointed her wand at Harry's stomach, the boy's gaze was concentrated on the wand. " Hermione gave a slight laugh "Of all the things my daughter inherited. Leaving Hermione broken she suddenly turns this bad rule breaking girl that not even draco malfoy can control! Add to library 65 Discussion 99. This girl was fucked up. World's largest short story, fiction, and poetry archive and community where writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion. angst. Mrs. Perfect Situations & Matryoshka Vignettes by Jeconais. " The slight sound of Harry finally appearing on their back door step had all three Grangers sit up, each of them looking apprehensive. PT1 There's a sirimione fanfiction where Harry finds a book that Dumbledore left Hermione with a fourth deathly hallow (or something similar - a magical object of great magnitude) and a letter. She saw an identical one on his face and couldn't help her smile. They got up and began saying their goodbyes. "Don't take to long Hermione, you are the one that wanted to come. Hermione is the ex-wife of Hiram Lodge and the mother of Veronica Lodge. You also have to follow the general rules babies like you have and I think that's it. "Ah, Harry, come in, come in," Helen said worry lacing her voice. Or perhaps they had never broke it off. Written by Professor Chrystal-Snape on FanFiction. April 22, 2008 at 10:41 pm. This story will go entirely along with canon events from the Harry Potter films. Fearful for her life, Hermione flees, colliding head first into another life, as the daughter of Severus Snape and Narcissa Malfoy. Harry James Potter walked into the kitchen and instantly saw "Mom, grandpa is Professor Dumbledore, you're ok," Hermione said quickly as she saw tears of in her mother's eyes. Your mother convinced Mrs. Hermione Jean Granger has always been a vital part of the Harry Potter franchise, saving lives and inspiring others with her intelligence and bravery. The camera zoomed in and out on her breasts, in time with the rap beat until the song ended. Hermione giggled. She wants to keep you all to herself. Anonymous said: Request: ravenclaw reader x hermione fighting and then sleeping together roughly Answer: POSTED 1. " Ron gently pried the baby girl out of Hermione's arms and into his own. Hermione Apollonia Lodge (née Gomez) was initially a main character on The CW's Riverdale. Hogwarts begins at age 13. 43K 939 34. Links to fanfiction, videos, and more shall be posted on the blog and followers may submit links. - / "Mom, grandpa is Professor Dumbledore, you're ok," Hermione said quickly as she saw tears of in her mother's eyes. After a short while, Harry and Sirius were beginning to yawn after a long day. Warnings: strap on, breast play, mommy kink. Granger that Hermione was not really interested in Harry but in Ron, and that she really wanted to go but was too shy to ask. A Big Happy Weasley Family. With a muttered spell, the medi-witch brought up a projection right above Harry's belly. "Okay, Hermione, rules are you have to call us Mommy and Daddy. You're daddy's little mini me eh? Oh look you have mummy's nose. She had a brief affair with Fred Andrews, but, their relationship ended when Hermione revealed that she was the buyer of the Family Matters - Loose Ends by tara_li 1 review. "Why," Scorpius bawled clinging to her shirt and burying his face into her shoulders. She and her husband were proud and accepting of their daughter's identity as a witch, which explained some strange things which happened around her when she Hermione kissed their child on the forehead. He would see her around the ministry, Diagon alley he would see she was pregnant. The TIME TURNER is centered with a working miniature hourglass and its inner rings rotate. Plated in 24 karat gold, measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter. As might have been expected, it's Hermione who is the driving force in the marriage. Aired 05/01/04#SNLSubscribe to SNL: https://goo. When the video ended, Marsha snorted. Check out our hermione baby selection for the very best in unique or custom Personalized Wizard Name Blanket - Wizard Nursery - Magical Baby - Mom To Be  Bienvenue sur le site officiel de la frégate L'Hermione. WARNING: Spoiler To TFIOS in this. The romantic pairing of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger is a reasonably popular one amongst fans. dracomalfoy. Also you can talk but in small baby sentences. She decided she wouldn't share you. She’d been formally pronounced as being “gifted” by a private psychologist after he’d administered a Wechsler test and a few other assessments, and told her parents she had an exceptional memory and Main Pairings: Hermione Granger/Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Summary: When Harry fails to come home after his usual camping trip, his wife, Ginny, goes looking for answers. After the war instead of fred dying,ron dies. A glass of butterbeer appeared in front of everyone and they slowly drank, laughing and smiling as Fred took “a sip” from everyone’s glass. Ginny stood up as well. Draco and Hermione tend to fall under a particular category of romance. "Come on baby,' she said sitting on the floor and taking him into her arms. Ginny, being unable to keep up with Harry’s appetites, agrees. When Arthur discovers Harry and Ginny together, he begins to fantasize about Harry and Molly together. 1. "Hey sweetie its daddy here. An upbeat rap song about sex played in the background and when Hermione turned to face the class, the camera zoomed out and the words mouthed by Hermione seemed to coincide with the rap lyrics. An authentic recreation of Hermione's TIME TURNER as featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AZKABAN . Kinsfire's story Family Matters ended, but perhaps there were some loose ends? After all, what other bonds might have been snapped by the BondSevering Curse? Hermione is married to Ron and they have a bubbly daughter named Rose. When Andromeda chose to live and marry a mugg During the summer between her sixth and seventh year, Hermione is abducted by the Death Eaters. " He led Hermione inside as she looked around. Harry is used to verbal abuse and Mar 01, 2021 · Harry and Hermione capture Peter and rescue Sirius in Prisoner of Azkaban, so Harry gets to live with Sirius. Voldemort appears either in person or in "Mom, grandpa is Professor Dumbledore, you're ok," Hermione said quickly as she saw tears of in her mother's eyes. My nose!" Top 10 Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass Fanfiction. You have to go potty in your diaper. Hermione Granger Turns 18, Gets Her Knickers Out. The Pureblood Princess by TheEndless7. Find Funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. " Bellatrix nodded. Daphne Greengrass and the Importance of Intent by Petrificus Somewhatus. March 24th, 2009 By Stuart Heritage. 42 years ago, on September 19th, 1979, she was born. The room was as it was when Harry was leading the DA classes. dramionefanfiction. If you haven't read the series at least three times, then good luck. Hermione's mother brought her out of her thoughts by opening the door "  Sep 23, 2014 Exciting news from the fan fiction world! A writer who claims to be an Evangelical stay-at-home mom named Grace Ann has taken it upon  Smutober/Kinktober- strap on (Hermione Granger x reader). My headcanon is that Draco and Hermione were secretly dating throughout all 8 movies, bu Completed. Fan Fiction Friday: Hermione and the Sorting Hat in “The Sorting Hat’s Love” By Rob Bricken September 9, 2011 Miscellaneous , Nerdery 0 Comment The fan fic that I have been most request to FFF is the one where Jesus and Hitler have sex. Canon Secrets (A Dramione Story) by Ms. Sep 16, 2020 Precious man Daniel Radcliffe kicked it all off with the first chapter, while Felton read chapter 14 with a little help from Mum and Dad. Hermione Granger had always known she was special, even from a very young age. This is a blog dedicated to the ship Remione (Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger). Film Mommy (2014) online sa prevodom hd ✔️ Četrdesetšestogodišnja Diane Despres - Explore and share the best Hermione GIFs and most popular animated GIFs here on GIPHY. Hermione walked over to sit by Ron; she really didn't want ton sit trough this. Hermione stopped talking to her husband and bent down to pick her up. Severitus, AU, Crossovers, Slash, Abuse, Time Travel, MPREG and 18 hours ago · (Drarry fanfiction) 2M 65. You can't go on the big girl potty. K. Unatoned by SeriousScribble. "She looks exactly like you Ron. "Wait Verney. " Emma tried her best to calm herself, with dubious success. The room of requirement opened up its doors. Sep 18, 2016 Quite fittingly, Hermione transitioned between the Muggle and You recognised it, I suppose, by its distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen?' Aug 18, 2019 When the mother of Hermione died giving birth to her she was alive This is my first ever fanfiction I really hope you enjoy reading it  Hey ! Thanks for watching ♥BEFORE EVERYTHING I WANT TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU TO THE AMAZING CAIWYNE WHO MADE THAT GREAT COLOURING !. All that was different was an extra room towards the back of the space. A Harry and Hermione fanfiction! Takes place in the first year, if Hermione hadn't met Ron or Harry on the Hogwarts Express. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. "Wh-why don't the m-m-mommy's love me. Chain measures 18 inches. by Jamie Spain. A Rude Awakening (Hermione) - Harry Potter Fanfiction. They only just got on the train! When Ron offers to help Hermione with Buckbeak's case, she throws her arms around him and breaks down. Her worst dream had come true: Ron was back with Lavender. Fanfiction Dramione Harry Potter. Jun 7, 2019 Imagine being Hermione Grangers mother, and Sirius Black flirting @remitheremit can you just make a fanfic for all of your HP imagines. #riverdale s5 #riverdale positivity #riverdale review #i did very much like the stuntcasting of making the Hiram actor's son play the young Hiram #i guess they had to do it but using hermione's original actress to play her mom does NOT work #that lady looks 100% front desk and not even a little bit housekeeping #this was a brazen fail of Hermione definition, the daughter of Menelaus and Helen. "Hi baby. Tailored suits are the name of this Hermione's game. Summary: Long ago, the Weasley Family was cursed to never be able to sexually satisfy their wives and the Peverell line would be the ones to do so. The wizards of Hogwarts can't get over Hermione's summer growth spurt. Blakenda's life is insane. Contractual Invalidation by R-dude. Scarlet. Aug 2, 2020 "Hey! Mommy!" A little girl screamed as she ran over to Hermione. She is portrayed by Marisol Nichols. 5M ratings 277k ratings "Mom, grandpa is Professor Dumbledore, you're ok," Hermione said quickly as she saw tears of in her mother's eyes. K. She was going to be a mom. This is a blog for Remione shippers only so if you don't like it then look away. Aunt Ginny explained to me that once I became alive and came to this world, He took my Mommy's life away  May 29, 2020 The perfect Ramona Rhony Mommy Mommy Play Date Animated GIF for your conversation. Hermione rolled over to look at Draco as a tear slipped down her face. Despite the pain she felt she couldn't stop being happy, it felt impossible. Immortals by Dasteiza Rated: NC-17 - No One 17 and Under Admitted [ Reviews - 8] New! Summary: Harry Potter, the Aspect of Death and a living god, visits Forks when he hears Bella in distress. Image. When he didn't look up, Hermione walked until he was directly in front of him. Somehow," Tonks concluded nastily, "Hermione's running off with Harry does not lend credence to that theory. Hermione was hurriedly doing her hair again, back into a high ponytail so that it didn't look as windswept as it should be looking after a long ride on a broom. Harry squinted at it and arched his eyebrows. Hate will not be tolerated. Determined to prevent this, she decides to raise Harry Potter, the boy who's life she saw as well, in the muggle world, in hopes he and his soulmate Hermione Granger can prevent the deaths of thousands of innocents. A Supercut/compilation of the Hermione's most sassy moments starring Emma Watson. Rowling 's series of Harry Potter novels. See more. " Hermione's life changes forever one warm summer evening when she is brutally betrayed by the man whom she believed would love her unconditionally, her father. Her mom got pregnant when she was fifteen, her parents eloped soon after, a month after she was born, her mom got pregnant again, her baby sister was born four months premature (that means their's a five month age difference between the two), and she's a witch. In the middle of the projection was a fuzzy mass. Hermione smiled, feeling suddenly grateful for her mother. Sounds strange I know, but in this fanfiction Harry and Hermione's relationship wouldn't of grown if it weren't thanks to that book. Draco stared at her as if she were mad, but she didn't care. "I'm sure you misunderstood, Hermione," Harry answered as he took his seat. July 24, 2019 LunaJeanWeasley. BuzzFeed Staff. Punny Name: Hermione's named such because her mother's name is Helen—in Greek mythology, Hermione is the daughter of Helen of Troy. Also worth noting that in the film, Hermione hugs Ron, not Harry, during Buckbeak's execution. Bicker, bicker, bicker. And Draco was going to be a dad. Harry's fists clenched, it wasn't because Ginny had spoken to him it was the fact Dean was right at her heals and they were holding hands, and oddly enough she was wearing his would have been wedding ring to her…. My…my mommy doesn't l-l-love me, and daddy's l-last lady mo 1979 by LadyKenz347 reviews. In 1998, as Horcruxes continue to go unearthed and the war wages without hope of winning, Hermione Granger is given a mission. Summary: Hermione's attraction to her Senior Undersecretary is driving her "He'll get over it," Rose said, smiling warmly as she took her mother's hand. Feb 24, 2019 Mum used to ask me to comb Ginny's hair when she was busy, First time writing fanfiction in almost a decade so apologies in advance for  And not just any child, but Hermione Granger… aged three! She was very sleepy and so her mummy put her to bed whence she fell asleep and dreamed of  Mar 10, 2020 What did Hermione do when Harry and Ron took the flying car to school? for moms who need to keep their tiny sous chefs entertained. While J. - Hermione's introduction. Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Hermione Granger Word Count: 17,445 Summary: Hermione Granger is a Hit Witch for the International Protectorate of Magic. Rewriting Reality: Lucy Diggory's Cernunnos painting unintentionally influences Cedric and Hermione's behavior to match with the Cernunnos myth. These Are The Absolute Hardest Questions About Ron And Hermione From Each "Harry Potter" Book. Lord Voldemort ( / ˈvoʊldəmɔːr /, /- mɔːrt / in the films) is a sobriquet for Tom Marvolo Riddle, a fictional character and the main antagonist in J. When Ron admires Hermione for hitting Malfoy and storming out on Professor Trelawney, she "Mom, grandpa is Professor Dumbledore, you're ok," Hermione said quickly as she saw tears of in her mother's eyes. Hermione would have preferred staying with her parents until Harry arrived. Mrs Granger (temporarily known as Monica Wilkins) was an English Muggle woman, the wife of Mr Granger, and mother of Hermione Jean Granger. She’s attacked in her flat and in the midst of it comes online as a Sentinel.

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